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  Mission: To build a community of people who share love, to inspire, mentor, share and mentor each other for a better life and anything that spreads love and friendship  for.

  All photos uploaded on this page are taken from Google or tumblr.  Watermark only shows images that images collected by this page.  They are not originally occupied by us.

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  Some jealous people are trying to put the lovehayaris logo on copyrighted images and trying to discredit loveshayaris.com.  If you have found the logo of loveshayaris on any copyrighted image, feel free to let us know at "ishayari24@gmail.com" that we are always here to support you.  And there are also many page mock ishayari on facebook.com, so be wary of that page.


  ishayari.in means ishayari.in where ever used.ishayari.in holds the copyright to the design, cards, wallpapers, SMS and all other graphics on this site.  The copyrights of the images rest with the respective owners and are used with permission.  No copyrighted material can ever be used without permission.  If you wish to use any of our cards / wallpapers on your site, you can provide them, provided that you do not create a ishayari.in logo / trademark from it and give due credit to logo

  The copyright of poems, messages, quotes, etc. of users of ishayari.in rest with their respective authors and cannot be copied, printed or printed.

  If you notice any copyright infringement of any material went copyrighted by ishayari, please report by email: ishayari24@gmail.com


ishayari24@gmail.com has no responsibility for the content submitted by users of this site.  If you notice any copyright infringement, please report us by email: ishayari.in and we will have the content removed immediately.

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  Any images you can see in this site are obtained from various sources of internet search engines.  We are not acute to distract and deliver your work.  We respect your work.  We cannot get credit or copyright information through the script that we are using.


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